What We Do

We Help Clients With Their Tax Problems With The IRS

We work in cooperation with you and your CPA, accountant and bookkeeper in their preparing of your tax returns.

We review and make recommendations on such tax returns related to our representation of you, your corporation or your business before the IRS. If you are not currently working with a tax preparer, we work with tax preparers who are conveniently located in our office building and who can handle all of your tax preparation and accounting needs

We have experience in dealing with the IRS in

almost every area of traditional tax problems.

Our experience includes the Collection Division, Compliance (Civil and Criminal) Division, Audit Division, and also the U.S. Tax Court. Of course, each Taxpayer's problem is different, and the results are different upon the facts of each case. However, there are many similarities to all cases.

We represent our clients before the IRS to resolve the following problems:

  • Complete Compromise of All Tax Liabilities, including Payroll Taxes.
  • Forgiving (abating) Penalties and Interest as a Taxpayer Liability.
  • Moratorium on Tax Liabilities
  • (IRS agrees to treat Taxpayer as "Uncollectible" for a period of time, usually one year or more).
  • Filing of Late Returns for one or many years.
  • Installment agreements for affordable and reasonable Payment Plans.

Most of our clients have been caught up in the distressed economic times.​

They want to file their tax returns and pay the required taxes. However, for reasons usually beyond their control, they have been unable to file or pay their 941 or 1040 taxes.

Once a Taxpayer gets behind in filing or paying these taxes it becomes increasingly difficult to do so. The IRS starts assessing penalties and interest that make it even more difficult to get caught up.

Even the IRS is now admitting that many taxpayers just need to find a way and some help "to come in from the cold" and "to get back into the system", so that they have a fresh start with their tax obligations with the IRS.​

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